Why should I have Wilson Rogers prepare my income tax return versus my current preparer?

Answering this question without knowing who currently prepares your return is difficult. However, based on what our clientele informs us, we know that they appreciate the following:

  • That the associates of Wilson Rogers treat them more professionally than most others
  • That they appreciate that we employ educated and certified professionals (i.e. CPA’s) to render services
  • That they consider our prices to be some of the best in the industry when compared to competitors
  • That we offer many service options to meet their needs
  • That we are our client’s adversary and not just out to make a quick buck. We genuinely care about our clients and our service level illustrates this.

But don’t take our word for it; here is what our clients have to say!

“My name is Malcolm and Jared Rogers is my tax advisor. Previously I had signed up with one of the large online tax servers when I initially started my LLC. My thinking was they would give me the advice that I needed to setup and take advantage of all tax breaks available. Several fees later and a 1st year tax bill of over $4,000 brought me to Mr Jared Rogers.

Jared has been a pleasure to work with. He takes the time to explain your individual situation and what he expects in the working relationship. And he is also an investor so he understands the mentality of business. And beyond that Jared and his team have a number of webinars on various topics as well as books. So during my time with Jared I have gained a wide range of benefits from all of the additional support he supplies to his customers.

And it just so happens to be icing on the cake that Mr. Rogers was able to correct the taxes of the big shop advisors and now I can expect a check from the IRS of over $6,000. Truly icing on the cake. So if you have taken the time to read this review I would say stop here do not read any more reviews. This man and his team is the real deal. And I’m more than confident they will give you the service that you need.” – Malcolm T.

“Prior to this year, I did my own taxes. Because I had a complicated real estate transaction, I decided to go with an accountant. I read through a few Yelp reviews for Wilson Rogers & Company and decided to go with them. It was the best move I could have made. I was very impressed with the initial contact via Yelp and even more impressed when I went in to meet in person. I didn’t feel like a appointment. I felt like I was becoming a member of a close knit group. He was very upfront, very honest, and answered all my questions and concerns. I was very satisfied with the end result, and I will be going with Wilson Rogers & Company going forward. I highly recommend them.” Hal P.

“This was the first year my husband and I worked with an accountant instead of doing our taxes online, and I am so grateful that we did! Working with Jared and his company was a great experience from the start. We reached out to a lot of companies, and Wilson Rogers not only responded promptly but they were willing to answer all of our questions to make sure we were a good fit for each other. They were very thorough in the information they asked for and did not let the process drag at all. If they needed something extra, they asked for it, and their secure online portal made me feel very safe in sending over our documents. The entire process was done over the phone, via email, and via the portal which saved us a bunch of time as well! The communication was great and we received our tax refund right in the time frame they said we would. Overall, a great experience. I highly recommend!” Stephanie C.

“We have used Wilson Rogers & Co (Jared) for our tax preparation for 4 years. His service is the best service we have ever had (have been filing taxes for 37 years…). He provides excellent service in terms of turnaround time, communication, availability, and provides the most thorough review of completed work (and comparison to prior year) so that “non-CPA” folks can completely understand the completed form and end result. I am confident that my taxes are completed to the highest standard, accuaracy and quality. He’s services are worth every penny.” Jody S.

“Thanks again for the help. I highly recommend Wilson Roger’s & Company!”J. Raley

“I used to try to do my own taxes, Wilson Rogers made it so painless and they are SO professional! I will not do my own taxes ever again! Thanks so much!” S. Muhammad

“This company was the ONLY one out of many (dozen or more) that was able to provide me with EXACTLY what I needed. And for a fraction of what the other so called tax experts were going to charge. My husband owed back taxes from over 10 years ago. I had done my research and homework and really all I needed was the exact date that the IRS could no longer attempt collections. I was provided a very thorough and easy to read report. I would highly recommend this organization.” C. Martinez

“I’ve met with Jared and he was very thorough and professional speaking of the service that is to be rendered. I left having a sense of security. I’m looking forward to working with him.” Renita G.

“Jared was very friendly and explained anything that I did not understand in full detail. I will definitely go here to get my taxes done every year.”Clare H.

“I did my taxes with Jared for the first time this year and I was very impressed and happy with the service! Jared was friendly, helpful and responsive. It was very easy to communicate with him and the entire process was efficient but also thorough! In comparison to my previous experiences getting my taxes done, I was very impressed! Plus, the price was also extremely reasonable. I will be coming back next year and would definitely recommend to anyone!”Ella L.

“Jared was professional and a joy to work with! He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough and I didn’t at all feel rushed with him. He also responds quickly when contacted. Jared will be my tax guy from here on out!” Leslie S.

“Jared made me whole. He got me out of a difficult tax situation and put me in the light. I recommend him to friends every year. It’s one thing to be professional and an astute business person, but to be courteous, prompt and empathetic are not the qualities you’re expecting but those qualities keep you coming back. I’m out of the state, but i don’t have any intentions of pursuing another tax and/or investment advisor.” Rose S.

“I am relatively new to the area and was looking for someone new to do my taxes. I found this company via yelp reviews and was not disappointed. Jared did my taxes and he was personable, very knowledgeable and efficient. I will return next year without hesitation.” Sonia W.

“I had an excellent experience working with Jared for my 2017 taxes. He explained all of my questions thoroughly, responded to emails quickly, and was a joy to be around. His efficiency and sense of humor made something stress-inducing into a piece of cake. I’ll be sticking with Jared moving forward. If you’re deciding between Wilson Rogers and another company, go with WR; you won’t regret it!” Jessica L.

“Jared did my taxes for me this year and I cant be more thankful! I was so nervous and scared because I wasn’t sure who I wanted to do my taxes this year! Very professional and nice! I will be a returning customer thats for sure! Everyone go to Jared!” Carly K.

“Jared was awesome. This is the first year that I will owe on taxes and I wanted to find a professional. He responded very quickly to my phone calls and calmed me down as I was nervous about owing. Very professional and answered all of my questions. I will recommend him to my friends and family!” Kelly K.

“This was the first year I used a professional due to a sticky situation. I worked with Jared who made me feel I was in the right hands for resolving this issue. He was very professional and responded to all my questions and concerns within a very reasonable time frame. He presented me with the best resolve so that I can feel comfortable about future returns.  They were also very reasonably priced for all the work done to finalize this.” C.T.

“Very professional. Response is prompt. You feel like you’re in very capable hands.”Patricia H.

“Jared is very quick to respond to queries and prompt in completing returns on time.” Venu

“I am a returning customer and continue to be pleased with the effort that Jared and his team put in to meet my tax needs. He is professional, pays attention to detail, timely, a great researcher, readily available to answer questions, and is a person of high integrity. I highly recommend Jared, you will not be disappointed.”Sam C.

“We have worked with Jared for the past 3 years on our filings and find him to be very thorough, thoughtful and responsive. I always recommend him to anyone looking for a tax pro.” Anthony M.

“I enjoy working with Jared. He is extremely helpful and responsive. I highly recommend him.” Eric L.

“Doing my taxes with Wilson Rogers was a great decision I made 3 years ago; have been going there ever since. Jared gives his clients excellent service. He is reliable, responsive, helpful and clear on what I needed to get to him. He educated me on some of the process along the way. My taxes can be confusing and I have many tax forms, since I am self employed, but Jared always gets through them. I could not imagine using anyone else.”S. Samman

“This is my 2nd year working with Jared and I would give him a 10 if possible. He’s very professional, knowledgeable and very responsive. I feel like Jared is my personal tax advisor because I can ask him any tax related questions any time even throughout the year. Not sure there’s anything more one could expect from his/her CPA. Looking forward to working with Jared again next year”E. Kim

“Jared was very friendly and got back to me quickly with answers to my questions. I appreciated his knowledge and willingness to help me.”D. Jeffery

“Fast response and great communication.”V. Parachuri

“Jared has been great to work with the last two years! I’m so glad that I found him through CPA Select!”A. Taylor

“This is the second tax season that Jared has worked on my taxes. It has been a delight working with him.”S. Carpenter

“Jared is very responsive, knowledgeable.”V. Varzino

“Jared called me in a few mins after we put in a request to file the taxes. Since then he was very responsive at every stage of the process. He was available almost 24 x 7. He corrected few mistakes associated with the state tax withholding and told me how to avoid these mistakes in the future. He handled complications associated with multiple state tax returns for me and my spouse. He completed everything in time to file the taxes before the due date (15th Apr 2013). Overall he did a fantastic job in filing tax returns. Thanks, Jared, for your services.”S. Nadgir

“Engaging Jared was an excellent experience, he was readily available, extremely dependable, professional, knowledgeable regarding my tax situation and willing to share his knowledge. Recommend Jared for tax questions and preparation for both individual and small business.” Sam K.

“Jared was extremely responsive and I would highly recommend his services to anyone! He called me within twenty minutes of my initial request and answered my questions in easy-to-understand terminology. Jared has a pleasant and kind personality and was very knowledgeable about my complex tax situation. On top of that, he had my taxes finished in less than 24 hours!” A. Taylor

“Jared was a great help to us. He was extremely responsive and went above and beyond…I was ALWAYS late getting information to him, but he was patient and keep me to task! I HIGHLY recommend him! ” R. Raymond

“I sold a rental property and started another unrelated small business in 2012. Normally I do my own taxes on Turbotax each year. This year I was nsure what I was doing was correct (while pulling out my hair trying). I was very concerned I was not going to be able to find a qualified CPA so close to tax time. I saw that TT had a different service than just the “advisors” online, but a choice of CPA’s that will do your taxes for you. I checked the credentials of several CPA’s and chose Jared off of his experience and degree. Jared called me within 20 minutes of my request. He is very easy to talk to, friendly and knowledgeable. The process is very easy and from start to finish he was done in 3 business days (including time he waited for me to respond to his questions). I ended up owing (I suspected this), but I also know it was done right. The cost to have it done by a professional was well worth it. I definitely recommend Jared. “K. Ross

“Jared was recommended by a mutual contact and has helped me to file my taxes for the past two years. Each time he was quick to respond when scheduling an appointment, and throughout the process he was knowledgeable, professional, and patient with my questions. He also took considerable time to learn more about my specific tax situation and make sure that I received the best refund possible. Jared has also been available and generous with advice regarding other financial matters such as setting up a retirement account. Overall I would highly recommend his services. ”Anonymous

“An Accountant we can trust! He has made our lives that much easier.”A. Mitchell

“Jared was extremely prompt and very helpful!” Anonymous

“This was my first experience with Jared and Turbo Tax CPA Select—it proved to be stress free. Jared was knowledgeable and prompt in answering my questions. He also helped me brainstorm about how I can lessen my tax burden next year. I needed my taxes done quickly and he delivered in 3 days. He definitely exceeded my expectations. I like that Turbo Tax has added this CPA feature. This was definitely a positive experience and I would recommend Jared to anyone.” Anonymous

“This might look like a biased review, but I have been using Jared for my taxes for over 5 years and it has been a very positive experience. Everything is done in a thoughtful and timely fashion. The reason why I continue to use him is because he gives me a solid peace of mind.” F. Simpson

“Jared is detailed in preparing my tax returns. He makes me question myself in finding deductions, being accurate, and taking advantage of tax opportunities that relate to my business. After preparing my return and going over it with him I feel confident that my tax preparation is concise and accurate. He is very generous with his time and does not make me feel that any question is insignificant.”House 2 Home

“Jared is the perfect small business solution for my accounting and bookkeeping. After a rough couple of years following 2008, although business began improving, our finances were a mess after losing key accounting staff. Not only did Jared help clean everything up and get them back on track, his rates were extremely fair and we plan to continue working with his company for the foreseeable future. ”Josh B.

“Jared has handled my business’ tax liability for years. He is a consummate professional and I would advise anyone who need an excellent accountant to hire him.”M. Hoard

“The best place to get your taxes done hands down. Even moving to Brooklyn did not stop me from being a loyal customer to Wilson Rogers & Company. Very professional and efficient.”Sonya F.

“I first met Jared when he was in finance at Pepsi and have had the opportunity to partner with him on a variety of projects, most recently on real estate and corporate taxation issues in his role at Wilson Rogers. Jared is truly a rare find. He has the ability to crunch the numbers and do in-depth financial analyses. He works quickly, efficiently, and affordably. But at the same time he has a creative spirit that enables him to think above the task at hand to help me think through how to best accomplish my goals. His probing questions have gotten me to a better place on more than one occasion. In our dealings he has always operated with integrity and transparency, and I would trust him to steer me in the right direction on any financial or tax project.”J. Anderson

“I worked with Jared to complete necessary financial documents for a business venture that I was working on. Jared was very personable and helped me thru a daunting task. He completed all the required documents and explained them to me so that I could review them with my investors easily. His work was immaculate and he was very knowledgeable even giving me tips on how to improve me accounting practices in the future. I would recommend his services.” A. Veal

“Jared is an individual who works well with others. He displays a professional attitude and demeanor as well as offering alternatives and solutions to various situations. Jared is great to work with on a professional, social and personal level and will always go above and beyond to get the job done!” Whitney R.

“Jared is exactly what I needed to keep my small business accounting in order. Not only is he expert with the law/policies that affect my small business, he’s provided me with counseling and alternatives for the future. His work is always returned in a timely manner and has done “whatever it takes” to make sure that I’ve submitted my filings on time. I highly recommend Wilson Rogers & Company for their accounting services.” M. Thomas