You’re getting your paperwork together, because you know that tax time is on us. It’s a big hassle having to pull it all together… and then you’ve got to explain everything to your bored AND stressed accountant, or (even worse) to a cookie-cutter software program with lots of promises…but results – who knows?

You’re hoping that “they” will be able to find all the deductions you’re entitled to, but the hassle of dealing with busy accountants OR the uncertainty of having to follow a program…well, it leaves you with a sinking feeling in your gut. How do you know it’s done right – and with all of the credits possible for your tax return? Especially, if you’re dealing with those “fly by night” shops that don’t keep up with the changes and are trying to wade through this mess and pretend (to you) like they really know what they’re doing.

Does that sound like a good thing to you? But there “is” a better way…

Here at Wilson Rogers & Company, we specialize in helping regular folks just like you get the most money back from the IRS – GUARANTEED! And unlike those “big chains,” not only do we provide these services to hundreds of families like yours in our area, our staff is full of highly-trained and LICENSED professionals that have been specially prepared for the particular challenges of THIS tax season – ALL to get YOU the Biggest, and Fastest Tax Refund possibly allowed from the IRS.

If you’re ready for your taxes to be “done right” then why not try the Rolls Royce of Chicago income tax preparation? And when we say “done right” it’s about more than just the accuracy of our work (which you can always count on as the standard in our market). Done right means:

  • NOT treating you like a number
  • Walking into a friendly office to a smile and a warm drink
  • Highly trained experts who KNOW the “secrets” of high-priced CPA’s getting you the biggest refund possible
  • Finding all those “extra” deductions that the over-worked or poorly trained tax preparers and software programs never get right
  • Being available YEAR ROUND when all those other shops close up after the season
  • YOU sleeping like a baby at night knowing your refund is as large as possible – never having to worry about the IRS again.

To learn more about us, visit our home page and check out our specialties, pricing and where we’re located. You can also give us a call at 773-239-8850 and one of our staff members will be happy to chat with you.

Don’t believe we’re the best income tax service in Chicago? Why not see what our customers have to say?