Being a parent is a hard job in general, but being a mother, that is the ultimate.  I was fortunate to have (and still do) two very loving parents in my life.  I also have very vivid and fond memories of my mother and all that she did for me throughout my childhood and adolescent years.

Like the times she fixed up my scrapes and cuts from my attempts at doing something insane.  Like the weekend nights she would play Anita Baker and Luther Vandross full blast on the stereo.  Like taking my sister and I to swimming class so we could eventually swim with the big kids in Lake Michigan.  The list is literally endless.

Yet if I was honest with myself, I know that I in no way thanked her even an inkling of what I should have for all that she did.  I’ll probably spend the rest of my life attempting to show her that she meant the world to me.  But in the meantime, I just want to say thank you Mrs. Tonia Rogers for being the bestest mom that ever was!

In 2009, the other Mrs. Rogers (aka Aaronita) joined the motherhood club with the birth of our daughter Pilar.

The reason Mrs. Rogers celebrates Mother's Day!

The reason Mrs. Rogers celebrates Mother’s Day!

There is little that I can do for Aaronita that will indicate the gratitude I have for what she does for Pilar.  Yeah, breakfast in bed is a nice gesture, so is a fancy piece of jewelry.  But in reality, those things pale in comparison to all the drop offs to school, pick ups each night during my tax season, the ballet classes, the story reading, family trips, etc.

Family fun in the California Sun!

Family fun in the California Sun!

But similar to the senior Mrs. Rogers, I will start by saying thank you babe for being an awesome mommy!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there – regardless if you have biological children, adopted children, foster children or people whom you simply provide for!